M.C. Tolosa Bailén, J.R. García Bernabeu

University of Alicante (SPAIN)
As a result of the development of the Bologna Process the new qualifications of Degree were established in the course 2010-11 in the Spanish universities. This change is not limited to the name in the studies but it carries a very broad educational changes. The center of the teaching becomes to be the pupil and the teacher has as aim, also of transmitting his knowledge, teach students to develop their knowledge and skills. This way of teaching, till now in class, is transformed into activities to be developed outside of the classroom.
But this non-contact work need not be individual. It is important for students to share the accomplishment of tasks and in this way can develop social skills and basic group in the new educational framework.
There are several tools available to encourage collaborative work, but in our opinion, the use of the wiki provides a wide variety of issues of interest to encourage the students' teamwork.