Saint Leo University (UNITED STATES)
About this paper:
Appears in: ICERI2012 Proceedings
Publication year: 2012
Pages: 893-897
ISBN: 978-84-616-0763-1
ISSN: 2340-1095
Conference name: 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 19-21 November, 2012
Location: Madrid, Spain
This session will discuss one university’s strategies for supporting and mentoring adjuncts to in the use of common course content, learning objectives, and best practices in instruction through a comprehensive on campus and online professional development mentoring program. The program provides continuous mentoring and coaching support to adjuncts using on campus training, a web based learning management system, and online video conferencing tools.

The Department of Graduate Studies in Education at Saint Leo University works with a large number adjuncts to deliver graduate degree programs through multiple formats and in a variety of locations throughout the state. In effort to provide induction and mentoring to adjuncts and to ensure consistent content delivery to students, G.R.E.A.T. (GRaduate Education Adjunct Topics) was developed. The program is designed to provide adjuncts with a deep understanding of the foundations and building blocks of adjunct teaching at the university. This includes introduction to master syllabi (common course content), electronic portfolios, learning management system and the university’s core values. Modules were developed to include social constructivist pedagogy, online media resources and the effective use of emerging technologies in online teaching. Online mentoring and coaching sessions using Elluminate, an online conferencing technology, are conducted throughout the year. G.R.EA.T. program is evaluated based on the following identified outcomes (1) adjuncts will be more engaged and included in the work of the department; (2) adjuncts will be make meaningful contributions to the department and their contributions will be celebrated and (3) adjuncts will more effectively utilize the department’s resources and procedures including master syllabi, online grading and portfolios, core values and social constructivist pedagogy.

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Mentoring, coaching, adjuncts.