E. Terblanche

myUnisa runs on a SAKAI platform and is available to all registered Unisa students and lecturers responsible for specific modules. It enables lecturers to support students (and enables students to assist and support other students) by means of online collaboration.

UNISA (University of South Africa) is the oldest university in South Africa and one of the largest open and distance education institutions in the world. One additional way of bridging the (global) distance between students and lecturers is by means of the electronic medium known as myUnisa.

This presentation will illustrate different features of myUnisa, such as Announcements (for use by lecturers only), Discussion forum(s), Resources, Assignments, Site info, Schedule, Prescribed books, Sign-up, Blogger, Wiki Drop box and Podcast, utilized by both lecturers and students. The hands-on use of this electronic tool, which also enables lectures to integrate electronic media, to interact globally in real-time, update academic and administrative activities, such as booking of satellite discussion sessions, recording of activities and progress of Masters and Doctoral students and the electronic updating of module/course information related to the Assessment plan for individual modules, will also be demonstrated. The latter entails providing electronic information on the composition of the examination paper, the weights in terms of final mark composition, year marks as well as assignment information with answers to MCQ (Multiple-choice or automated assessment) questions. A comparison of different modules (first-year versus third-year) will illustrate that different approaches and teaching strategies should be used to ensure that diversity, assessment and self-reflection activities satisfy social, psychological and educational needs of users.