Y. Teng

Chongqing Nankai Secondary School (CHINA)
With the rapid development of computer technology, multimedia technology application has become a hot point in teaching reform field. Students in secondary school are been the stage of transferring image thinking to abstract thinking, that requires the use of multimedia technology in course teaching to help them when learning random mathematics. The probability and statistics curriculum in secondary school enables the students to establish a correct intuition of statistical, develop a stochastic idea, and master the survey and statistics thought. Students can develop a statistical concept gradually through the process of question, collect data, organize data, analyze data, evaluation and make judgments. Our project introduce multimedia in class teaching and it takes the full advantage of multimedia teaching characteristic such as image contents, vivid features, to improve the students’ enthusiasm and interest in probability learning and enhance the students knowledge understanding. Multimedia teaching has changed the traditional teaching style of probability and statistics course, and it increase the amount of classroom information which improve the teaching efficiency. Multimedia teaching can also develop the ability of innovation and problem-solving through the interaction between teachers and students in class.

After the experience of Multimedia teaching in probability and statistics course, we noticed some aspects need to be improved. First, Multimedia teaching need the teachers enhance their own computer and mathematical software level. Further more, Multimedia teaching should be created based on the students acknowledge background, that is, select contents carefully for multi-media teaching and combine the study of theoretical and demonstration. Then, multi-media teaching should be designed with enough time for students to think in class since the media play rhythm is very quickly. Finally, teacher should control the teaching process in multimedia class. They can design the teaching and learning situation to make a good interaction with students.