A. Teles Vieira

CITI - Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PORTUGAL)
There are several experiences in the framework of serious games. The use of learning badges has been a recurring in this area. When you are playing there are some elements insusceptible to create motivation. This can be the case of learning medals (learning badges). These are considered a premium and are used by students to show that they meet their objectives. For some authors, badges can provide focus on goals, more challenging tasks, better educational performance, power of choice and authenticity.

This paper focuses on the controlled experiment in a school with adolescent students. The serious game "Alpha Patrol" has been tested and analyzed in various aspects. In this case, it is important to report the analysis done and the results obtained regarding the learning badges.

This paper intends to reflect how the implementation of the learning badges in the serious game may not be as promising or advantageous as expected.

In this way, the article pretends to show that the effective utilization of the learning badges, as an object of motivation, may perhaps not be as an agent of motivation as we may think.