P. Tasi, S. Zsigmond

University of Applied Sciences, Budapest Business School (HUNGARY)
This paper will gather some successful practices on entrepreneurship education. The objective is to have a better understanding of the needs and practices related to the entrepreneurship education and of what activities and/or methodologies should be further studied and experimented later on.

This paper tries to help to know better what approaches are running in Europe than could be of help in the creation of actions and programs within higher educational institutions: courses related to entrepreneurship (traditional and innovative): schema, contents, pedagogy & methodology.

The identification is done by reviewing previous studies, experiences and projects relevant at European Union (EU) level, publicly available, going to main relevant sources (universities, specialist blogs, etc.) and making interviews to main relevant actors in order to try to get complete description of the initiatives.

The scope of this paper goes from entrepreneurial awareness and culture to the development of student’s skills as leaders and entrepreneurs. Also very important will be to know those initiatives that combine education and business worlds, facilitating the access of students to the professional context.

Authors made their study within the framework of HEHE – Hands on Entrepreneurship for Higher Education project and will share their experiences as project members.