The research conducted in LEPAMAP-PA Research Group explores issues related to pulp, paper and composite materials. Since some years ago, the University of Girona promotes the realization of workplace stays within research / technologic groups. This has allowed national and international students to carry their workplace stays in some specific research lines in our group. These experiences help the students to complete their training cycle and also to approach them to the industrial environment, thanks to the collaboration agreements signed between the group and different companies.

Last year, a total of 8 students from our university and 3 international students chose our research group to perform the practices in a workplace.

The aim of tis paper is to show this experience so enriching for the students, as it connected the knowledge learned during the teaching period, with a research line and finally with the technology transferred to the companies with signed agreement. The workplace stay was not only focus on proper research topics, but also on the theoretical aspects studied during their degree. Some of the parallel aspects with which they played were sustainability, green chemistry, circular economy and life-cycle assessment, and everything working on nanocelluloses (CNF), the main research activity of our Group.