S. Tariq1, A. Hanif1, S. Hameed2

1National University of Science and Technology (PAKISTAN)
Traditional education revolved around role of teachers who have been imparting knowledge to the students for generations. The recent onslaught of technology has changed the paradigm of teaching; the learning process is now ‘student-centered’. Teacher is required to play many more roles and augment his skills for effective use of new technologies in the online teaching process. Many teachers feel that their way of teaching is good enough and they don’t have to invest their time and energies in learning a new skill set, which is not directly related to their own field of specialization. Others feel alienated that they have been ‘deprived’ of their ‘central role’ in new scheme of things. ICT has demonstrated a positive impact on educational attainment of students and it is here to stay. The eLearning can propel forward with active participation of teachers; how they use the technology and to what extent. However, there is a dichotomy: the teachers need to change in their approach to pedagogy, make efforts to learn new skills to implement a system only to be ‘moved away’ from their own central role. This paper aims to predict enhanced participation and acceptance of e-learning by faculty by drawing analogy between the ‘perceived fear of faculty about growth of online education’ with Dr Mori’s ‘Uncanny Valley’.