T. Tarbokova, I. Ustinova, O. Rozhkova

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Technology has an important role in engineering education. The purpose of this work is to investigate the possibility of using flipped classroom technology in studying the course of linear algebra and analytical geometry, the comparison of this technology with other innovative technologies, and evaluating the effectiveness of using of this technology.

The motivation for research is to increase the effectiveness of the process of teaching students. Therefore, the objectives of the research are: studying the possibility of using technology of flipped classroom in the organization of the learning process of students, exploring the feasibility of using this technology in studying the course of linear algebra and analytical geometry, ascertaining how effective this technology is in studying this course.

The technology of the flipped classroom was used in practical lessons in the study of the theme the geometry of straight lines and planes. There were analyzed the results of testing students under the traditional method of training, trained using the MOODLE system and the results of testing of students trained in technology of flipped classroom.

It is presented such form of providing knowledge through creative decisions as the technology of the flipped classroom and also use of this technology in linear algebra and analytical geometry.

In article one of innovative methods of teaching students, such as technology of the flipped classroom is described. Use of the given technology on the example of a course of linear algebra and analytical geometry is shown. Method study is statistical analysis of the results of testing 12 groups of students using of variance analysis on the criterion of Fischer - Snedecor. It is recognized that use of technology of the of flipped classroom allows increasing interest of students to studying and level of understanding of new material.