Y. Tanaka, M. Sakanaka, K. Hamada, T. Wada, H. Takahashi

National Institute of Fitness and Sports (JAPAN)
In recent years, the report that the effect of instruction increases by utilizing an image for instruction of a sport is carried out in respect of the university physical education(Takamatsu et al., 2000) and in playing sports (Takahashi and Iwashima, 2008) etc. Thus, although it is admitted in general that the feedback using an image is effective in motor learning, it is difficult to feedback to all students in limited class hours. Furthermore, in order to show the image to the outside of school hours, much time and effort, such as writing out of media, were required. However, in recent years, "e-learning" in which taking an examination and the attendance of a class using the Internet are possible is spreading. The student is able to look at not only a character but an image by using this. As another merit, if there is internet connection it becomes possible to watch and download the contents of the class anytime and anywhere.
The purpose of this study is to clarify usefulness of performing multimedia feedback which used e-learing in university physical education.

The object class was "volleyball" for undergraduate physical education students. The main purpose of this class is the acquisition of the toss. This class performs 90 minutes once per week, and is performing 15 times in all.
We photographed the image of the class with 4-6 digital video camera and edited the image and showed it on e-learning and allowed a student to download the picture freely. In addition, added a caption to the sample image of the drill and a technical commentary image and showed it. We carried out a questionnaire about the multimedia feedback to a study student at the time of the class end.
As a result, many positive replies, ”the image of a class is useful” , “It was good that I was able to watch my figure by image” and “to watch an image is useful for skill acquisition“etc, were obtained.
Moreover, many requests of "liking to see the image of a sample, one's image, and a skillful student's image" were also obtained.
It seems that the multimedia feedback using e-learning in physical education helps a technical improvement and a will improvement.