R. Tammaro, A. Petolicchio

Universit of Salerno (ITALY)
Is it possible to combine the teaching of classical languages with Information and Communication Technology? The following work tends to demonstrate how the Information and Communication Technology may prove an effective tool for innovative teaching/learning of disciplines which are generally relegated to a static and mythologized past, far from the dynamism of contemporary frenzy. Today, the challenge, which shows teachers are facing, is to integrate two worlds, two instruments, the paper book and the computer, to discover the potentials and the peculiarities of the digital age. Salmar Kahn (2013), founder of Kahn Academy, a free world-class education for anyone anywhere, underlines that the objective isn’t to replace the traditional classroom, but rather to mix the virtual to the physical one. At school, ICT can serve to increase the experience of collaboration and critical thinking. The Web doesn’t guarantee a more effective learning; the web is a tool that should be integrated with effective pedagogical approaches to promote learning (Reeves, 1998). Information and Communication Technology, used as a support for the teaching of classical languages, makes the learning experience easier, more comprehensive, expandable, versatile and customized.