S. Talbot1, P. Abrahams2

1Short Form Film Company (UNITED KINGDOM)
2Warwick Medical School (UNITED KINGDOM)
Contemporary medical anatomical education requires various resources found in the clinic, dissection room and radiology departments. These vary in availability and thus is difficult for students to access them all in a time-efficient manner for easy learning. So how to integrate portable, handheld packages providing a method of learning medical anatomy, outside the conventional academic medical school environment? 40 anatomy videos were made in the dissection room, using a tutorial approach with prosecutions. These were then packaged into an apps with “spotter” tests and MCQs on each of the 3-6 minutes videos. Audio and on-screen text of anatomical terminology with digital highlighting emphasises the clinical relevance. A further Ipad apps of a standard radiology textbook provide a widely accessible method for teaching integrated clinical “Anatomy on the move”. Although technology cannot replace traditional learning, these innovations provide a unique educational opportunity for learning medicine “on the move”, even in coffee breaks between conventional lectures!