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K. Tajul Arifin, N.A.S. Ismail

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (MALAYSIA)
Self-learning package (SLP) is one of the teaching-learning methods in the Faculty of Medicine UKM, as a mean to promote self-directed learning. The execution of SLP involves uploading the SLP onto our online learning platform, iFolio; and students are expected to complete the activities as instructed in the SLP. The format of SLPs varies according to topic, but similarly aims to achieve the learning objectives of the module. SLP does not require the presence of a content expert during its completion by students. Previous findings suggested that the students did not appreciate and feel motivated to attempt the SLP, due to the absence of a content expert while completing the package.

The aim of this study was to investigate the need of a content expert during the completion of SLP. Volunteers were divided into three groups; Group 1 (classic SLP), Group 2 (SLP + flipped class with content expert) and Group 3 (SLP + brief lecture + tutorial with content expert). Each group completed a pre- and post-SLP tests, and their marks were recorded and analysed.

Statistical analyses of the test results showed that there was a highly significant difference between the marks of the pre- and post-SLP tests, in all three groups (P<0.005). However, there was no significant difference between the three variations of SLP. The discoveries implied that the presence of a content expert during the completion of SLP might not be necessary.