I. Szőköl, K. Horváthová, B. Dobay

J. Selye University (SLOVAKIA)
Present time requires each individual to adapt to current changes in society. It is necessary to accept the reality of changing work environment, cultural and moral principles, new conditions and opportunities arising from the position of Slovakia in European Union, the positives and negatives of the globalization process and so on.

The human factor is constantly under pressure from the society which is focused on the knowledge economy which prefers skilled and highly qualified human potential and promotes learning organizations that represent a model for improving the quality and success in a competitive environment. Highly qualified human potential is the result of a education process, strong motivation, effort to get a better assessment and also of the high-quality teaching process carried out by skilled teachers.

It is necessary to carry out the transformation of the current system of education in connection with new requirements on staff or graduates of secondary schools and universities. While some changes can be made in a shorter term, the others require long-term approaches necessary to solve some problem areas.

Within the frame of competitiveness strategy of Slovakia a number of important strategic objectives are set that provide a presumption of high-grade and educated manpower in Slovakia. Public policy in the field of human resources will provide learning opportunities for all citizens, an access to new information and freedom of movement within different occupations.

Education must comply with current and future labor market requirements. From the aspect of ensuring long-term competitiveness of Slovakia in the field of human resources it is necessary to complete the reforms of primary and secondary schools and to focus on capacity expansion and radical increase of the quality of the education at universities.