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L. Svobodova, C. Cerna

University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Informatics and Management (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The importance of electronic education has been increasing, steadily developing and constantly changing in the last decade in the Czech Republic. The article deals with the creation of a new e-learning course which is aimed at the financial literacy. The topic of financial literacy is of vital significance especially with young people at the threshold of adult age. Results of the studies that are aimed at the financial literacy of Czech citizens and results from abroad are presented in the first part of the paper. E-learning as a key term is defined at the beginning of the article, then various forms of e-learning are described. The main part of the article is focused on the “Financial literacy” e-learning course in the context of lifelong learning that is supposed to be put into practice at the University of Hradec Králové, at the Faculty of Informatics and Management next semester. The article brings new ideas which might be implemented into a newly designed e-course. The course will encompass wider range of financial subjects such as banking, financial markets, personal budget, insurance, public finance, taxation, accounting, and others. The course will be run in the virtual learning management system Blackboard. Both on-line and off-line forms will be utilized. Synchronous and also asynchronous tools will be used for communication. Selected topics will be enhanced by use of social networks and investment games. Students will be given chance to try and test their knowledge in practice. Financial literacy still is not sufficiently perceived evaluated as the issue of vital importance in the Czech Republic so we believe that the completion of the course might increase and improve students´ financial literacy and consequently make their lives better.