D. Švelec-Juričić, L. Luić

University North (CROATIA)
Extremely important participants in the education system, who also represent the interested public, are the parents with whom school employees in complex processes that take place during the school year, establish collaborative relationships. One of the ways of communication with parents is digital communication through a website performed by teachers, professional associates and principals who do not have a formal education in the field of public relations. Observing the mentioned problem, a research question was asked "Do teachers influence the creation of parents' attitudes towards school based on digital communication?" Opinions on the information-visual aspects of digital communication were examined: content and size of publications, visual characteristics of the website, dynamics of publications, frequency of visits to the website and the impact of publications on the creation of parents' attitudes towards school. With the statistical analysis of the results of a survey conducted on a sample of 150 teachers and 483 parents, the hypothesis, which claims that teachers consider the information aspect of communication through the website more important than visual preferred by parents, was confirmed. Given that the area of the role of digital communication in shaping public attitudes, general and those of interest, towards the school is quite unexplored, this paper can serve as a starting point for further scientific research in the field of communication and public relations.