J.J. Suñol, J.M. Güell, J. Tarres

University of Girona (SPAIN)
Dimensional analysis is a simple and very useful tool in the scientific and technological environment, as it allows the dimensional verification of problems and / or equations by studying the interaction between units associated with certain magnitudes. That is, the equations must respect a dimensional homogeneity.

Dimensional Analysis can be applied to:
a) Resolve conversion factors for the conversion of units from one system to another,
b) Checking formulas,
c) Observe functional dependencies between physical magnitudes,
d) Reduction in the number of variables involved in a complex problems and
e) Creation and study of small-scale models.

MNT (Mobile Numbers Technology) technology is an innovative concept, which is in at development phase, primarily designed for mobile devices. It unites different disciplines in order to achieve a graphical, clear and intuitive representation of algebraic mathematical language. It allows you to solve varied problems easily with the use of symbols or geometric figures.

On the other hand, Android technology is an operating system designed primarily for touch devices. Its great potential allows us to reach an unimaginable variety of applications and functionalities to the end user. Unlike other operating systems, Android is open source, and this gives facilities to introduce itself in its programming and development.

The main goal of this project is the design, programming and implementation of some applications for touch devices with an Android operating system that solves problems of simple dimensional analysis using innovative mobile technology.