J.J. Suñol, J. Tarres

University of Girona (SPAIN)
In the last decades it has been a huge increase in the use of mobile technology in higher education. Mobile Numbers Technology (MNT) is an efficient tool to manage equations between Physics and Engineering variables taking into account mathematical relationships.

The innovations are:
a) a graphical context (symmetries, colors, icons...) manages information in a coherent and intuitive way,
b) user manages dynamic information when establishing input values, processing and quantifying the results,
c) the way of operating and representing numbers through geometrical forms: any number can be graphically visualized in any tablet screen! and
d) no text or number-driven way.

A graphical way is fully used. Everything is done at a one-touch screen!
In this work, graphical representations and relational maps were developed for learning the principle of Bernoulli. It is known that in fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that along a streamline an increase/decrease in pressure (linked to the fluid’s potential energy) of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease/decrease) in the speed of the fluid (and also in the fluid’s kinetic energy).

This principle can be derived from:
a) the principle of conservation of the energy or
b) the second law of motion of Newton.

Furthermore, this equation can be also written as a function of the height than a column of liquid (usually water) can achieve due to pressure. Thus, in this equation there are several terms as well as different ways to be written. The main objective is the development a graphical context as a very useful option for learning by playing in mobile phones, tables, notebooks or smartphones.