D. Stoyanova, I. Peteva, S. Denchev

State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (BULGARIA)
There are various reasons and factors that are a prerequisite for the creation and implementation of approaches and new methods in the field of university higher education. R&D (research and development) creates plenty of opportunities for young people and are a guarantee for success when making adequate decisions regarding the improvement of the quality of training in higher education. For more than five years the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (SULSIT) in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been conducting research work in the form of summer practical training and summer universities for BA and PhD students and for young scientists, which in practice are managed by them. This type of training itself is an innovative approach in the system of higher education since it combines theoretical knowledge, practical skills and reflects the new approaches in improving communication and interaction between various participants, regardless of their anthropogenic or cultural traits. The focal point in the process of organizing this kind of summer practices and summer universities is the need to improve research methods, which, in its turn is triggered by the natural implementation of new information and communication technologies in people's lives. Among the main objectives and tasks when organizing and conducting scientific observations, studies and research or a specific type of research work in different in structures settlements in Bulgaria and abroad, is the formation and accumulation of knowledge, values, skills and the creation of useful links and contacts between different educational and cultural institutions and the local communities. Among the positive aspects of this type of training is the increased level of academic knowledge among participants as well as the increased interest on their part towards science and the particular field of science. Practical application of knowledge provides young people with an opportunity to work with renowned and established scientists and professionals from various fields of science and business, which, in most cases, contributes to acquiring useful communication skills, better orientation in work and control mechanisms in government and business structures. It is a real opportunity for acquiring practical knowledge, centred on the problems of everyday life.