Z. Stofkova1, J. Binda2, J. Stofkova1

1University of Zilina (SLOVAKIA)
2Bielsko-Biała School of Finances and Law (POLAND)
Competency-based education is currently a very topical issue. The current society puts increasing demands on future graduates of universities. In the contribution, competencies that are requested by companies within a graduate profile are discussed, such as leadership, expertise, creativity, teamwork, independence, and analytical thinking. Competencies acquired for quality performance in a particular profession are determined by exploratory research methods (questionnaire, interview). The paper provides an overview of the research of basic categories of competencies performed by world agencies. Research conducted by the OECD, PISA study, found out whether students possessed competencies that are sought on the labor market. The contribution also highlights the results of research conducted by authors, which are aimed at detecting whether students are learning and developing during their studies the competencies they will have at the end of their studies to the extent required by the labor market. The goal of the contribution is to evaluate the selected competences of students at the university using the proposed metrics. The research is focused on the current possibilities of measuring the managerial competencies of the students of the economic study branches in order to determine whether the managerial competencies correspond to the acquired knowledge, study results and the required profile of the graduate on the labor market.