F. Steiner

University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) (UNITED KINGDOM)
This poster is presented University of London Computer Centre (ULCC), the leading e-Learning services provider to HE & FE sector in the UK, in close collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

MMU has placed Moodle at the heart of a major initiative to transform curriculum delivery and business processes to enhance student satisfaction and success. To deliver this ambitious project, MMU is working in partnership with ULCC, The Learning Edge, Talis Education and oMbiel to deliver an integrated, personalized and mobile VLE experience for over 35,000 learners in September. Supported by the JISC’s Distributed VLE Programme, this workshop will share the approach and lessons learned from blending the best of open source and commercial systems using open standards and novel legal contracts.

Using Reading Lists from Talis Aspire and Past Examination Papers from EQUELLA as examples, the workshop will demonstrate how consistent tagging of content in systems with open APIs enables Moodle to act as a mash-up hub for presenting relevant information to students.

In conjunction with ULCC and oMbiel, MMU has co-funded development of open source web-services to provide seamless access to Moodle from web and mobile portals. The poster will illustrate how the various component interact and how these web-services can be used and enable participants to discover more about toolkit solutions and services, such as campusMTM, that can exploit them.

This poster session does more than include all the right buzz words: shared services, curriculum transformation, improving the student experience, service-oriented architecture… it provides practical illustrations of how Moodle and the right partners can deliver the content, resources, approaches and technologies that students’ value, quickly and in a joined-up way.