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E. Starozhuk, N. Vatolkina, E. Smirnova

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The paper outlines the features of innovation management in the field of teaching and learning technologies within the framework of quality management system. Quality of education consists of the following constructs: values and norms, quality of education process (includes quality of contents of education and quality of education technologies), quality of resources and quality of results of education. Paper gives definition and classification of education technologies, offers types of innovations that could be implemented to each type of education technologies. Authors show that in Russian universities all constructs of quality of education are identified as management objects with the exception of quality of education technologies. Traditionally implementation of certain methods and instruments of teaching and learning are defined by teachers or sometimes chairs and there is the lack of regulation in this field both on institutional and national levels. It is believed to be the sphere of academic freedom which ensures diversity of teaching methods in the classroom. But from management point of view it leads to variations of education process, questions the satisfaction of students and teachers, decreases the introduction of innovative education technologies due to the lack of recognition. Authors held a survey among teachers and students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University which reveals their perceptions of quality of education technology, need for the innovations in education technologies and performance of relevant management system. The results of the survey are presented and discussed in the paper.

The authors draw the conclusion that the further methodological and practical development of quality management system in higher educational institutions requires regular management of education technologies as a management object. The paper recommends the areas and the character of changes to be undertaken in higher educational institution in the field discussed