C. Sotiriou

Doukas School (GREECE)
Skype is the limit?
The joy of acquiring a powerful tool for learning can often lead to abuse before reaching maturity (exploitation) This can be avoided with the use of new techniques such as webquests where students divided into teams follow a certain pattern of research in order to produce the final product which might be in written form or an oral presentation

An example will be given where students of DOUKAS high school (level C2) following the learning process that is based on research and final production work (Project-based learning) were asked to create the best possible space city. Info was googled within in the classroom since all students have their personal tablet in class.(Our school has introduced the 1:1 process in primary and high school since 2009).Each group posted in Edmodo their initial work and proposal and I commented on it sending useful feedback and links.

Questions raised by the students were answered by the space expert Dr Alexander Martynov via Skype and the whole project was posted and assessed by the students themselves on the educational platform Edmodo, where I have started a discussion at first and then posted a poll. Edmodo is a safe, social learning platform for students, teachers and schools. It provides a safe and easy way of connection and cooperation of students, both among themselves and with students and other regions or countries
This is only an example ,various projects can also be posted in the plattform and students get really excited by sharing thoughts and ideas with their friends via an interactive way.
The use of the tool Skype in the educational process aims to break the walls of the ordinary classroom, transferring students in virtual excursions of an intercultural character, giving them a unique opportunity to experience the culture and other people as well as having a chat with renowned scientists. This class utilizes the tools of high technology by creating a sustainable development framework, facilitating-largely and in a pleasant way - the learning of the English language.
The objectives of the course:
1. Understanding and producing spoken and written documents
2. Understanding and using linguistic and spatial concepts
3. Developing learning and communication strategies where students learn to utilize new technologies,
4. Skills Development multicultural awareness.
The educational value of the project is distinct from the recording of the objectives and plan courses of action.
The level of student motivation in this project was also indicated by the fact that the students took the initiative to contact Dr Martynov themselves. All info was found on a simple internet site.