V. Soltes, Z. Stofkova

Žilinska univerzita v Žiline (SLOVAKIA)
Development of technologies brings many positive aspects that enhance the quality of citizens life. In addition to the benefits, the development of technology brings about also new threats and risks. For this reason, the issue of cyber security and personal data protection is at present at the forefront. Since June 2018, the European Union regulation has been enacted to increase the level of protection of personal data and to strengthen the rights of the citizens of the European Union in this area. To increase cyber security, the Slovak Republic adopted a Cyber Security Act in 2018 which sets minimum requirements for ensuring cyber security. By this law, the Slovak Republic strives to protect its citizens against the threats that are on the Internet. Children, young people, and seniors are the most vulnerable to these threats. Their computer literacy and the possibilities of protection against threats on the Internet are minimal. Thus, the level of cyber security must be examined, including the analysis of the awareness of risk group and formulation of possibilities to educate them. Uploading and subsequent uncontrolled sharing of personal information, sensitive information, intrusive photos, and videos on the Internet can lead to cyberbullying, which poses the greatest threat to children and young people. The paper deals with the survey conducted among elementary school pupils in topic of cyber security awareness and threats of the Internet. The aim of the paper is to propose preventive activities and measures to cyberbullying protection and raise cyber security awareness.