A. Soeiro1, R. Falcao2, C. Royo3

1University of Porto (PORTUGAL)
2Universidade Nova Lisboa (PORTUGAL)
The TALOE (Time to Assess Learning Outcomes in E-learning) EU-funded project approaches the e-assessment concept by using technology for assessing students’ learning. The project is building on the foundations of previous developments on this issue, an existing tool for the Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Assessment, the ALOA model, which uses the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy to establish the link between the LOs and general assessment methods. The TALOE project uses the same methodology but adapted to the specific context of e-learning and e-assessment.

The main goal of TALOE is to develop a web-based platform to help teachers and trainers decide on the e-assessment strategies to use in their online courses. This tool is aimed to raise teachers’ awareness about the variety of e-assessment strategies in order to achieve better quality of the learning process.

TALOE assumes that a teacher/trainer will describe the learning outcomes of the course or module and then use the TALOE webtool online to analyse them and provide the most appropriated e-assessment strategy that is consistent with the set of intended learning outcomes.

In order to achieve this, the TALOE consortium has:
- conducted desk research and selected innovative e-assessment practices that take advantage of the use of technology;
- developed a web-based tool that is easy to use by the stakeholders;
- tested the implementation of the tool with real case studies;
- promoted the TALOE tool among the communities of stakeholders who have accepted to test the webtool and give feedback

During the EDULEARN session, the TALOE webtool will be presented and demonstrated, so participants can see how it works.