O. Smolyaninova, E. Bezyzvestnykh

Siberian Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
In the present-day world, a student-centered approach (when a student is in center) takes place of the traditional teacher-oriented one – “teacher in center”. The main interest of the present open labor market in relation to high school graduates is "What can you do after graduation?"
The term learning outcomes is used to express what students are to achieve and how they will be able to demonstrate their achievements: it is what "a learner is expected to know, understand and/ or be able to demonstrate at the end of a learning period" (European Credit Transfer System ECTS 2005).

Currently, both Russian and foreign practices are still actively looking for assessment means and developing them, and on the whole, they are looking for optimization opportunities for an assessment system of educational activities at various levels.
ePortfolio technology perfectly fits into an educational system of any level and makes it possible to personalize educational process and professional development of student's personhood; to assess not only the results of students, graduating from the educational institutes, complying with educational standards, but also the results that are relevant to educational process participants themselves.
Institute of Education, Psychology and Sociology of Siberian Federal University (IEPS SibFU) has been using e-portfolio as one of the most important means of individualization and improvement of Master’s students training for over 7 years.

At the level of Master's program in Education, electronic portfolio is used for the following results assessment goals:
- professional practice reflection (competence matrix);
- demonstration of project course works and presentation to potential employers;
- examination of research achievements;
- certification and socio-professional assessment of social competence.

With the help of e-portfolio tools, in IEPS SibFU, we carry out assessment and monitoring of learning outcomes and achievements in both educational and social practices of Master’s students during admission and further throughout the whole period of study.

Implementation of e-portfolio technology in educational programs of Master's degree in Education offers their students an opportunity, within the training course called Portfolio Method in Higher Education, to create personalized e-portfolio on the institute official website using Mahara software.
Since 2014, IEPS SibFU has piloted another e-portfolio creating environment, namely, WordPress.

Thus, e-portfolio is not only an integral part of university educational strategy, but also an important component of its educational information environment that allows continuous high quality monitoring and assessment of Master’s students learning outcomes throughout their study, whole life, non-traditional education and other types of informal educational experience.