O. Smolyaninova

Siberian Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The new law on education adopted in the Russian Federation in 2012 and the States educational standards of teacher education made the revision of the educational results assessment methods at schools actual. The experience of ePortfolio usage in training of bachelors and masters of the institute of Education`s pedagogical direction, Psychology and Sociology (IEPS) of Siberian Federal University (SFU) over the long term of professional development will be presented. The results of the research of the bachelors’ and masters’ opinion on ePortfolio use are presented.

The modern Russian teacher has to be capable to consider pupils’ individual requirements, to estimate not only their knowledge, but also significant educational achievements for pupils, to develop their competence in different spheres of activity, to be able to encourage pupils` teamwork, their creativity, understanding the future perspectives of their professional career. Modernization of Russian education creates new demands for professional competences of a teacher, to his ability to use technologies of authentic assessment of pupils’ educational results. Only for the last 10 years the technology of ePortfolio has been introduced in the Russian educational practice, after carrying out the large-scale all-russian experiment at schools and the development of Ministry of Education and Science ` s recommendatory normative documents in Russian Federation. In a different way affairs at the level of higher education in Russia are where there is no legislation uniform on use of technology of a portfolio.

In IEPS SFU within 7 years ePortfolio has been used in various models of teacher training of the modern teacher for various purposes: assessment, professional development and employment.

ePortfolio use for the system of assessment of educational results. Bachelor degree level, teacher education of developing training according to Elkonin – Davydov system.

The goal of ePortfolio use is presentation, fixing and assessment of educational results of separate courses Curriculum, reflection of students’ practice, career planning, collecting and accumulation of materials for presentation to potential employers.
ePortfolio use for professional development. Master’s degree level, master’s programs: «Educational management», «Higher Education». The goal of ePortfolio use: reflection of professional experience, introspection, self-assessment, professional development, self-determination, expansion of interdisciplinary contexts, employment.

ePortfolio potential in higher education of Russia is very high, the results of the project ERA.Net RUS №238 «ePortfolio for Human Resources», in which participant was the author of the article testify to it. In the research answers of respondents (pupils, students of higher education and potential prompters/recipients) from four countries were compared: Germany, France, Estonia and Russia. The figures concerning the estimation of ePortfolios as useful instrument ,show Russian answers respondents are on much higher level, partly the quota of estimation is as twice as higher with France or Germany. Similar results in research were received while answering to the question: ePortfoilo as a tool for presenting one’s competencies in the context of job application.