D. Smetanová, P. Hrubý, T. Náhlík

The Institute of Technology and Business (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Several studies have shown that the educational environments that encourage the engagement of students can facilitate the development of motivation. In many contexts, however, student engagement may also refer to the ways in which school leaders, educators, and other adults might “engage” students more fully in the governance and decision-making processes in school, in the design of programs and learning opportunities, or in the civic life of their community.

The paper is devoted to students’ engagement in the bachelor study of mechanical engineering. In the paper there is an example of positive students’ engagement in the lessons. Specifically it was about working on seminars from these subjects Elasticity and Strength I, Machine Parts and Mechanisms I., Kinematics.

Mainly, engagement to the research and development of gear pump is presented. A research and development activities in teaching several subjects within the bachelor's degree program Mechanical engineering at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (ITB) is described. The ITB and company Jihostroj solve a research technical project from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Students participate in solving partial problems of the research.

The way of positive engagement and its benefits are discussed. Specific results of teacher and student collaboration are presented. Examples of successful outputs: sub-programs, articles at conferences, suggestions for checking components of machines, etc. are shown.