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M. Skublewska-Paszkowska1, E. Lukasik1, J. Smolka1, M. Kwiatkowski2

1Lublin University of Technology, Institute of Computer Science (POLAND)
2Sport and Minds (POLAND)
The aim of this paper is to prove the thesis “3D motion data may be used in athletes trainee analysis” based on the established cooperation between Laboratory of Motion Analysis and Interface Ergonomics located at Lublin University of Technology and Sport and Minds company and other institutions. This kind of collaboration ensures combining doing innovative and interdisciplinary research, performing tests which are practical in planning the athletes program and applying the obtained results in research education as a further step. This paper presents both the performed tests and the possible trends in research education (e.g. bachelor, master and PhD thesis, computer science projects) using 3D applications. The paper describes the step of the 3D tests and the analysis of obtained data. The presented motion capture laboratory is an example of Engineering Research Centres in East-South Poland. This kind of cooperation is also an excellence source for getting knowledge about 3D technology for students research group.