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M. Skublewska-Paszkowska1, E. Lukasik1, J. Smolka1, P. Gawda2

1Lublin University of Technology, Institute of Computer Science (POLAND)
2Medical University on Lublin, Department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy (POLAND)
The paper describes interdisciplinary academic research that is performed by faculty of two universities: Medical University of Lublin and Lublin University of Technology. Medicine students are involved in the research. They collect data for their masters theses. The universities signed an agreement of cooperation.

The research is carried out in Motion Capture Laboratory at Lublin University of Technology. The laboratory is equipped with a very sophisticated Vicon motion acquisition system. The 3D motion acquisition system works in concert with an EMG system and two biomechanical platforms. The research concerns examination of patients with selected medical issues.

The research methodology presented in the paper can be described in two aspects: medical and technical. The medical aspect concerns describing medical examination of a particular medical problem. It also requires decision with regard to what aspect of that problem needs to be investigated.

The technical aspect is about performing the actual examination in the mocap laboratory and carrying out data analysis. The methodology is presented by an example. Additionally, for the purpose of the research a software is created. It allows for faster and more automated data analysis. Such interdisciplinary projects create links between education and research. Moreover these activities support students' education.