Е. Sklyarova, G. Erofeeva, I. Chernov

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Forming professional competences of a technical university student is directly connected with the condition of scientific and mathematics education. It is important to constantly change the system of education due to problems and developments in sciences, new manufacturing technologies, etc.
Special significance is gained by IT in education, provided that conditions for its fundamentalisation are created, such as using productive learning methods (developing creative abilities), person-centred approach (individual learning trajectories), creating a “physics-mathematics” information block that takes into account interdisciplinary aspects of physics and mathematics.
The article regards interactive teaching systems in physics and mathematics in terms of the fundamentalisation of science education.
The system is designed for practical classes and students’ individual work in the physics course according to the course syllabus. The results of the system piloting in the process of study indicate that the students’ knowledge has improved.