V. Sitikovs, A. Anohina-Naumeca, S. Petrovica, Z. Bulins

Riga Technical University (LATVIA)
Interoperability is one of the hottest topics at the level of the EU during the last decade, because it is crucial for achieving European integration and concerns core aims of the EU.

The importance of interoperable public services has been acknowledged as an essential component of EU Commission's efforts to contribute to improvement of the Single Market and making Europe an attractive place to live, work, and invest. Regardless that the Member States are responsible for the interoperability of their own systems, interoperability at European level is needed in order to implement common EU policies. Currently there is a huge number of ongoing intensive efforts in establishing of interoperability, but at the same time no learning courses exist for acquiring corresponding knowledge by target groups directly or indirectly involved in development of eGovernment. The project “ELGI- eLearning for eGovernment” (2011-2013) aims at producing an e-course for delivering knowledge concerning interoperability.
Within the framework of this project it was made a research of publicly available documents constituting EU policy and practices in the area of interoperability [1] and summarization of main findings obtained was presented [2].

On the other hand each of project’s partners made the similar research on national level, including Latvian case [3].
On the base of mentioned above researches the main sources specified included in the information base of the e-course, course aims, target groups, organization of learning process, modules, and topics. Moreover, each topic is presented in terms of its goals and learning outcomes [4].
This paper presents further works related to development of e-course, its localisation and piloting taking as an example implementation in Latvia.

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