A. Singhal, V. Tiwari

The paper “Challenges faced by the education system in India” uses literature to investigate the various challenges that are being faced by the education system in India and provides suitable solutions to overcome these challenges.

• More than 80% of schools in India are managed by the government. Private schools are very expensive and are not affordable by the poor.
• Most of the villages in India do not have proper schools, which makes the students to travel few kilometers to attain their basic education.
• The biggest challenge that lies within the education system in India is the quality of education that is been delivered to the students, as most of the education that is delivered to students in India is generally theoretical in nature, its lacks the practical aspect.
• Lack of funds, the colleges in India lack funds, they don’t have enough funds to enhance the quality of education and hence lacks in the infrastructure facility, teaching environment and quality teachers. Infrastructure facilities at schools and colleges across rural areas dispense very poor quality of education. The teachers are not paid adequately, as they are not much qualified so they are not willing to work hard.
• It is the mentality of the Indian families that more and more people of the family should earn, little kids are send out to earn the daily bread and butter of the family instead of going to school and attain their basic education.
• Most of the parents in India are not willing to send their children to schools to attain basic education, as they are illiterate so they don’t know the value of education.