R.B. Silva-López1, M.I. Silva-López1, I.I. Méndez Gurrola1, J. Fallad Chávez2, E. De la Garza Vizcaya1

1Metropolitan Autonomous University (MEXICO)
2University of Guadalajara (MEXICO)
The UAM (Metropolitan Autonomous University), has a structure based on Departments and Divisions. Administrative management positions are assigned by elected researchers-professors (whom unaware administrative training), which causes increasing management complexity and an expensive learning curve.
The objective of this work is to develop a digital management system that enables the transition to management changes and takes advantage of gained experiences, throughout the use of computer systems, which releases actors from routine activities and focus their efforts in strategic actions. At the same time it provides administrative staff with tools to facilitate management, monitoring, and access to relevant information to academic decision making.
As a result of this work, seven computer-supported systems were developed for the systematization and standardization of services for students and professors, some on them are: a) students’ tutor assignment; b) students’ scholarship management; c) field practices which support all campus students; and d) incoming and outgoing of assets that allows control of the physical resources of the Institution.
Finally, we conclude that the semi automatization of processes in the institution through a Digital Management System has a positive impact on the performance of administrative staff in benefit of the university community, by reducing response times, data centralization, efficiently generation of reports and efficient way to support decision-making.