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A. Sierszen, L. Sturgulewski

Lodz University of Technology (POLAND)
Many specialized courses or programs perfectly prepare students to use network devices. These training perfectly prepare for the passing of certified examinations and teach in detail about selected technologists of specific vendors. However, they are often very expensive.

Their prices are often counted in thousands of dollars, which means that only a few people are able to take such courses. This is a big problem for people who want to improve their qualifications or begin (often directly after graduation) to look for their first job. Without documented professional experience, only courses and passed certificates are a fact that speaks to a particular person during the recruitment process.

The article presents the results of searching for an answer to the question whether there is a possibility to obtain the knowledge necessary to pass a certified IT exam. The offer of the world's largest vendors (including Cisco System, Juniper Networks, Huawei, Extreme Networks, HPE) has been analyzed to provide knowledge, self-learning tools, simulators/emulators of solutions learned, and help to pass a certified exam.