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A. Sierszen, L. Sturgulewski

Lodz University of Technology (POLAND)
Many specialized courses or programs perfectly prepare students to use network devices. The Cisco Networking Academy Program and the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance deserve a special distinction in this field (basic and intermediate courses in the configuration of switched networks, routing protocols and cyber-security). Completion of the courses offered by these and other companies excellently prepare for passing certified exams and teach in detail about selected technology specific vendors.

However, there are no courses/ training that really will prepare to work as an administrator of a large network, in which you have to implement a large number of different solutions, which very often come from different manufacturers. The co-existence of devices from many different manufacturers that are otherwise configured presents a large number of problems and troubles.

The article presents the possibilities of the EVE-NG environment for building a large, complex topology that can be used to learn and gather experience in configuring and maintaining a large computer network based on the environment of many manufacturers. The possibilities of handling various protocols/dispatches occurring in a typical real campus network were being migrated.

Also examined the possibility of providing students or groups of students (also remotely) with prepared patterns of such a network in the aspect of later checking and analysis of prepared configurations. This is important issues because it can also help companies during the recruitment process of new employees to verify their skills without the need to use expensive network devices.