N. Shlemova, E. Kanishcheva

South Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The reading role in spiritual and moral and intellectual formation of the personality is unconditional. In the age of digital and network technologies young people changing their attitude to the reading of literature and type of information perception. Young people often face difficulties of reading books. It is important that the system of modern humanitarian education meet the challenges of the time. Only the use of new methods, methodical receptions and various forms on classes in studying of literature in higher school will help to create the interest of youth audience in reading, will increase the efficiency of learning. The article describes the experience of teaching historical and literary disciplines at the faculty of journalism of South Ural state University.

To stimulate interest to the book and introduce students to the reading helps the following to the principles of the problem, developing education. Interactive learning is the main educational strategy at the lesson. It implies the active work of all students (work in pairs or in groups) which is aimed at solving the problematic issue. The situation of communication and work together to find solutions makes active interest of students. Therefore, business game, a round table, discussion are effective forms of the organization of educational process. Modern students show interest to design activity. Attract to the reading can also be the creation and protection of art projects which are connected with professional interests of the students who are trained in "Journalism", "Advertizing and public relations". Students are divided into small groups and perform the work during the semester, which is protected at the end of the course. For example, create the advertisement of the read book - booktrailer, write electronic posts to popularize any read work and place them in social networks, create pages of literary heroes online, write screenplays and create projects movies or performances which are connected with the studied works. Theatrical work is an Interesting form which active interest in reading: students dramatize fragments of works, create a literary and musical compositions, participate in competitions of art reading. The visiting of theater creates the interest in reading, preview performances of studied works, organization after watching the debate and creative meeting of students with the actors, the director. The result of this work is reflected in the reviews that are written by students. Game with the text, literary experiment with the hero is also an effective form. Students receive tasks for understanding and creative interpretation of work: for example, to create a version of the final product, to write the fairy-tale in the style of the author, the composition on behalf of the hero in any genre, to make a portrait of the hero of quotations. Besides, make active attention to fiction of a task at which performance the student studies interpretations of literature in other art forms (cinema, painting, theater), for example, making presentations and performance with reports on a subject, discussion at lecture of video fragments of movies, performances, the musicals which are created by one work, etc.

To attach a modern youth to reading, it is necessary to use technologies of active training, interactive strategy of education. They help to improve the efficiency of learning, form the interest in reading, develop critical thinking.