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N. Shariatmadari1, S. Mahdi2, M. Shariatmadari3

1Islamic Azad university, Garmsar Branch (IRAN)
2Islamic Azad University, Chaloos Branch (IRAN)
3Islamic Azad University, Central Organization (IRAN)
Nowadays, English has been identified as international language. It has become the dominant language in a large number of domains and is used around the world for communication, science, education, commerce, sport, tourism, technology, industry, diplomacy, and the media. English is of considerable importance in higher education, in many parts of the world, speaking English and hence, foreign language instruction, have become an educational priority. Therefore, proficiency in English is necessary for anyone in today’s complex life.
However, as the popularity of English as a foreign language increases, the demand for new effective English language courses also increases. In this regard, considering the complexity of today’s life and science and technology revolution, new systems of ELT delivery should be provided in higher education systems, which enable the modern learners to cope with barriers of language learning. Although distance education is an innovatory approach to education which is not a new concept, but it can be considered as a modern method of EFL education and delivery.
Considering this, evaluating the effectiveness of such courses implemented by different organization is vital. In fact, Evaluation has the most important role in any association and organization in order to find out the outcome and feedback of their goals and aims. When we consider Distance Learning as an innovatory approach to education it is necessary to evaluate whether its goals and aims have actually been achieved and whether our expectations been met specially regarding English language teaching and learning via distance.
Therefore, in this paper, the effectiveness of Distance Education programs implemented by Payame Noor University of Iran in Improving Language Skills of EFL Learners is evaluated to see their success rates and accordingly, developing Language distance education systems.