N. Shantakumari, R. Eldeeb

Gulf Medical University (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
The practice of evidence-based medicine has resulted from increasing advances in medicine and the need to keep oneself updated about the new developments in the field. Medical teaching is also now no longer opinion-based but is adopting an evidence based approach. The need for evidence in our teaching and medical education practices is given the same importance as the need of evidence in assessing a new therapy. Best evidence medical education (BEME) is an attempt to systematically examine evidence addressing educational intervention in medicine. There is a genuine need for BEME and evidence based teaching with the teacher being able to critically appraise the evidence, implement it and also identifying the areas needing further research. While the methods used to review evidence need further thought, the goal of doing so is of prime importance. The present paper is a review of the origin of BEME, its advantages and disadvantages, pitfalls in its implementation and guidelines to implement BEME in medical schools. It is an attempt to provide a comprehensive coverage of a very popular current trend in medical education.