A.M. Serrato-Martinez

Instituto Politécnico Nacional (MEXICO)
In recent years the visual design has experienced decisive changes while the pixels and the computing tools gradually replace pencil and paper. The search for new integrated disciplines has become one of the central topics in practical and intellectual life of the twenty-first century to complement the arts and sciences.

The challenge is to get a good understanding of design thinking to foster cooperation and build mutual benefits among those implementing design thinking to several notable problems and distance education projects. This will allow the particular process of exploration design practice, especially in virtual environments so that it is smarter and with a most valuable meaning.

This work focuses on the implementation aspects of technical and pedagogical in which the visual design is an important part of developing a distance learning project, design of virtual environments or developing educational materials. This part of the process corresponds to what in Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) of México processings is known as content development and a part of the information architecture to create educational content and resources.

After understanding this situation of visual design uses in IPN practices, the goal is to convey to "non-designer" teachers the concepts, methodology and production processes in visual design to achieve the developing of educational materials give serious consideration to the basic language elements and their attributes of composition layout into aesthetic creations to be used in the educational field.