A. Serrano-Santoyo

CICESE Research Center (MEXICO)
We posit that exploring telecomumunications as a socio-technical system in the dimensions of information theory, network theory, innovation and digital convergence is particularly relevant in the design and development of educational programs of ICT and telecommunications engineering educational programs. We introduce the term Telecommplexity with the purpose of developing a framework to explore telecommunications as a system where the interaction and interdependence of technological, sociocultural, legal and economic factors play a key role in the characterization of this system, hence a disciplinary approach is insufficient for a comprehensive analysis of the system. By introducing complexity for analyzing telecommunications seen as a system, we conceptualize our complex framework around the socio-technical system as a corpus of coherently connected ideas that allow us to observe a cross-section of reality of the operation of the system in order to understand the changes and the interrelations of its subsystems and stakeholders.

In a complexity perspective, a socio-technical system is not just regarded as a mechanism or infrastructure, but as an entity with human interactions, feedback processes, emergence and interdependence, which are characteristic features of complex dynamic systems. Likewise, a complexity perspective can lead to further findings towards the creation of a framework involving the most significant agents in the various levels of management of the telecommunications ecosystem.

Such as in the case of telecommunications, interconnectivity is the essence of complex dynamic systems, that is, these systems comprise a network of interconnected nodes whose interactions define its nature and behavior . In summary, complexity arises when the individual system components interact resulting in new properties and new structures.

A comprehensive analysis of telecommunications as a socio-technical system may also contribute to increasing its effectiveness and social impact as an important enabler of social wellbeing.