F. Sepehri1, Z. Sepehri2, M. Sepehri3, F. Rakhshani4, M. Mohammadi2, T. Rakhshani5, F. Kohan2, O. Aloosh6

1Islamic Azad university, Science and Research Branch (IRAN)
2Zabol University of Medical Sciences (IRAN)
3Tehran University (IRAN)
4Ministry of Health (IRAN)
5Tehran University of Medical Sciences (IRAN)
6Hamedan University of Medical Sciences (IRAN)
In the rapid developing world of sciences, it is essential to be continuously innovative and integrate information technology (IT) in all aspects of human life. The 'cloud' model at first focused on making the hardware layer consumable based on compute and storage capacity. This is an important first step, but for companies to harness the power of the cloud, complete application infrastructure needs to be easily configured, deployed, dynamically-scaled and managed in these virtualized hardware environments. On the other hand, health education and health promotion and human empowerment in this regard are issues that all of the health organizations pay attention to them. As other education systems, there is a trend for using IT in health education area.
In this paper, special attention has been paid to feasibility of establishment of cloud computing model in health education system of Iran in terms of technical, human, financial and organizational infrastructures and culture. The main questions of this paper are: 1- Is it possible to establish 'cloud' model in health education system in Iran? 2- What are the required contexts for applying the cloud computing model in health and medical system in Iran?