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C. Sentieri1, N. Charalambous2, L. Madrazo3

1Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
2University of Cyprus (CYPRUS)
3University of la Salle (SPAIN)
This paper presents the results obtained in design and implementation of a collaborative web-based learning space named "Introduction to Housing" created in the context of the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Project OIKONET. The learning space mainly draws on the curriculum of the existing curriculum of design studios at the School of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Cyprus and includes work from a 3D Visual Communication course at the University of Belgrade. The aim of the learning space is to introduce students of architecture to housing studies in a learning environment that supports collaboration with students and teachers of other schools. The learning activities have been structured as sequences of tasks which can be carried otu synchronously or asynchronously by the participating schools. Creating a shared learning structure, which encompasses different courses from various schools, represents a big challenge for the learning designers. Likewise, implementing the activities at each school while building a collaborative learning space requires flexible learning strategies. The paper will describe the design of the learning structure and the process to implement them. It will discuss to which extend the learning structure and the strategies to implement it can be replicated at different schools. Also, a discussion about the evaluation of the feedback of the participating students will be included in the paper.