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K. Seitlová, H. Czyž

Palacký University in Olomouc (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Our presentation deals with e-learning, especially in a company environment. The theoretical part of the presentation is focused on the theoretical setting of the given topic and description of terms. In the next part, some research specialized in e-learning is mentioned. The research was realized in the international company, which has an office in the Czech Republic. Within the research, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. Two types of questionnaires were used in the research. The first one was tailored only for this research. The second one is a standardized psychological questionnaire called the Bochum personality questionnaire. Two research goals are defined. The first goal was about advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks of e-learning education, and typical face-to-face education by means of SWOT analyses that comes out of employees opinions of their employer. The second aim was to describe and compare the employees preferences of e-learning with their personal characteristics and age. In this presentation we will mention our results.