L. Segura, J.M. Sepulcre, J. Mulero

University of Alicante (SPAIN)
The vision of science in general and mathematics in particular, can sometimes be distressful and unpleasant and its knowledge is certainly biased. Traditionally, teaching of mathematics is usually presented not in the content of everyday life and as a tedious and boring discipline not linked to activities such as fine arts, literature, cinema or television. However, it is an increasingly common thought that science is important and that everyone should have some basic knowledge of it.
The dissemination of science as well as its teaching corresponds to scientifics. Nevertheless, while teaching pursues the goal of learning, the dissemination of science strives to present the scientific view of the world to the general public and both motivate and illustrate the learning in our sessions.
We co-exist with science not only in the classroom, but day by day. Therefore it is timely that we need to address topics for which teachers usually do not have time to present in their regulated subjects. Consequently students, complete their studies with minimal knowledge about it.