P. Seemann, Z. Štofková, V. Binasova

University of Zilina (SLOVAKIA)
Company development strategies comprise a set of strategies centred on people, other key resources, key activities, economic model, and management systems. Company development strategies both follow and lead business growth strategies and competitive advantage strategies and also align with company aspirations. This paper deals with the competitive advantage of developing and executing business growth strategies and company development strategies. How can you eat an Elephant? Piece by piece. Same thing if you want to develop your business. Develop your people one by one and do it face to face. Pay your time to your people and it will be your best investment ever. This requires an attitude where the manager believes in the potential of his people and he takes a position of somebody who wants to develop it. Of course special sets of skills we refer to as „coaching skills” is a must, alongside with the positive attitude. This article describes a journey of a company towards the point where managers use a new set of skills to develop their people.

The implementation of the use of coaching skills in management has a tremendous impact on:
a) the manager’s time management, work-life balance, workload management, effectiveness at work and even happiness at work and
b) the employee proactivity, responsibility, creativity, stress management, feel of recognition and happiness at work, too.