A. Schneider

Kfar Shmaryahu Hof Hasharon School (ISRAEL)
The presentation presents a recent research project attempting to examine the influence of emotional literacy (interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence, Gardner, 1983) as a component of educational management, as perceived by the school principal, in order to complete the currently used Campbell's traditional model based on three pillars: leadership, administration and pedagogy (Campbell, 1999) for principal training.
In proposing an updated model of school principal ship characteristics, the research attempts to improve principal's preferments and principal training program as part of an ongoing effort.
Fifty seven principals took part in a survey. Then a group interview of ten principals and two individual interviews were conducted.
In characterizing the ideal school principal, inter and intra personal intelligence was marked as the key element for successful principalship.
Research questions verified the existence of personal intelligences – "emotional literacy" as perceived by school principals, identifying and mapping its prerequisites, and demonstrating ways principals make use of this element in a school's daily life. The research also evaluated the importance attributed by the school principals to the other three elements: leadership, management and pedagogy.
The study is another ingredient in the examination of the personal intelligences – "emotional literacy" nature among senior and experienced school principals, with the assumption that given their knowledge and expertise they will be able to identify that element, and characterize and measure its weight in school principalship.
Confirmation of the existence of personal intelligences "emotional literacy" will complement Campbell's model (Campbell, 1999), to offer an updated model of school principalship, a model that could serve as a basis for updating and developing school principals training programs to prepare them properly for their mission.

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