J.A. Santos-Mellado1, C.M. Acuña Soto1, O. Blasco-Blasco2, V. Liern2

2Universitat de València (SPAIN)
In recent years, the Internet has experienced huge growth. Increasingly broad sectors of society have access to the network at almost any time and, particularly, through mobile devices. This impacts society in many ways in general and, in particular, education. Specifically, the number of students who use the educational mathematics videos (EMV) available on the Internet to learn, review or solve problems of topics associated with their classes is greater. Therefore, we must pay attention to a phenomenon that has implications on learning.

In this paper, two questions related to the panorama of video tutorials in education will try to be answered. For this purpose, a questionnaire has been designed and implemented to know the Usage, Utility and Preferences which the videos are perceived. On the one hand, we are interesting to determine why some students do not use EMV in their learning process. On the other hand, it is useful to establish what they are looking for and what users of video tutorials recognize as useful.

From the results of the questionnaire, we detect that a significant sector of students is looking for videos, but do not see that they fit their specific needs. Among the students who declare to use them, it is verified that they mainly seek the explanation and examples of the EMV, assuming that they must fulfill certain characteristics related to their educational and technical quality.