J.F. San-Juan1, R. López1, M. Lara1, P. Cefola2, M. San-Martín1, I. Pérez1, L.M. López-Ochoa1

1University of La Rioja (SPAIN)
2University at Buffalo (UNITED STATES)
Astrodynamics Web Tools is an e-Research project being developed in the University of La Rioja. The aim is to encourage researchers to work collaboratively through the Internet sharing facilities and knowledge in the Astrodynamics field. This will facilitate the creation of a research community interlinking them, which would allow for an intellectual or social dynamics environment, through which specialist and non-specialist audiences will be able to collaborate, as well as making optimum use of human and material resources.

For this purpose a Web-Site is being built which will allow project collaborators to incorporate what they themselves have developed on the Web-Site, as well as providing easy access to those researchers and students who are interested in these applications, their uses and the knowledge behind them. In some cases, this knowledge has partially disappeared from studies in Universities, whereas other subject fields are so specific that they have been relegated to formative periods of Masters or Doctorates.