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J. Sanchis-Gimeno, F. Martinez-Soriano

University of Valencia (SPAIN)
The Bologna Process is in favour of changes in university teaching. In this context we present teaching changes we created in order to adapt our Gross Anatomy teaching to the European Higher Education Area. However, over recent years, changes in Gross Anatomy teaching have mainly been limited to discussing the importance (or lack of importance) of cadaveric dissection, and to the introduction of new technologies that could, in theory, replace dissection.
In view of this, we introduced information and communication technologies (ICT) into our teaching activities in 2005 in order to simplify learning for students. Introduction of ICT has been accompanied by changes in our conventional teaching.
Following on from this, we present our experience in using ICT for Gross Human Anatomy teaching from 2005 to 2010. We are in favour of using Internet forums, blogs, chats, and emails in an innovative education project in order to modify our conventional gross anatomy teaching. Students were asked to complete anonymous questionnaires devised by the Office of Education Evaluation and Diagnosis of our Institution regarding their learning experience. Possible answers ranged from 1 (strong disagreement) to 5 (strong agreement). We analysed the results of the questionnaires.